Sells Fast. Less Price Reductions. More Profit.


Home staging is an eight step process that prepares your home For a Faster Sell and More Profit. Our goal is to add value to your home by transforming it in a way that highlights its best FEATURES. 

A home that shows well, sells well. 





  • Redesign using homeowners belongings and editing cluttered walls and surfaces.

  • Upstaging using our rental decor, pillows, bedding, artwork. A fraction of the cost of new purchases.

  • Rental furniture and decorative furnishings.

  • Light Remodel: painting, change light fixtures, stain/paint cabinets, change faucets, and other light remodel work.

  • *See 8-Step Process for Complete List of Services



How does it Work?

      1. Consultation: $150.  

The consultation gives the client the 8-Step process (see 8-Steps Process below) with quick and easy tips and secrets of optimizing their home for the market. We also have a list of resources/or we provide estimates. Clients who are DYI will opt to do what they can themselves. Consultation only provides a lot of direction and eliminates wasted time and money. 

      2. Assessment: Free with Consultation

Clients will receive a questionnaire via email with a complete list of services to choose from. Clients can print this list and use it for their own set of instructions. If the clients would like to use our services,  we build a Quote from the consultation and the questionnaire. 

      3. We send a Quote to the client.

From there the client chooses our services, other contractors, or they opt to do the work themselves. 

***We consult with clients via phone/text through this process until the home is completely ready for the market. It is included in the $150 consultation fee. 

step one

sale + Donate + Store

The staging process is generally started by having a moving sale. Then we donate (tax deduction) what is left after the sale to a local charity. Next, we pack and store the rest of the home-owner’s belongings that will not be needed for the next few months. 

Buyers: Want great storage space

Turn-Offs: Overstuffed cabinets and closets 

Staging Service: Organizes with a WOW factor

step two

Paint + caulk + repair

Repairing holes in the walls, touching up wall paint, caulking baseboards and trim, and resealing windows will make a home feel like new. We also repaint rooms back to neutral colors. 

Buyers: Pay more for neutral/gray walls and helps them envision themselves living there 

Turn-Offs: Brightly painted rooms 

Staging Service : Offers Color consultation

step three

installation + subcontractors + stagers

Most clients have decided to update some of their lighting, counter-tops, floors, or need various small repairs. We can offer some of these services in our package price. 

Buyers: Want move-in ready 

Turn-Offs: Outdated or needs work 

Staging Service: Low cost resources and design

step four

clean + Shine + renew

White glove clean every surface of the home, including closets and cabinets. We use products that clean and other products that provide a high shine for selling a home. In this process, we have a supply of various supplies paints, stains, and caulks to touch up imperfections throughout the home. 

Buyers: Like clean, shiny and new 

Turn-Offs: Pets, odors and perfumes, dirty walls--buyers walk out immediately

Staging Service: Adds high shine, stabilizes odors, and freshens 

step five

Exterior Clean + LandscapE + curb APPEAL 

Power washing or chemical cleaning every surface of the exterior including outdoor furniture, garage door, and light fixtures. Trim and manicure lawn and landscape. Repaint or touch up mailbox and add large contemporary house numbers. Add mass plantings or annuals to wow buyers.

Buyers: 70% drive by before scheduling a showing

Turn-Offs: Overgrown shrubs, lifeless landscape, faded shutters

Staging Service: Inexpensive and quick ways to create curb appeal through landscape and some cosmetic ideas

step six

Staging + Redesign + upstaging

Staging a home with a clients current belongings, re-purposing furniture, redesign furniture layouts, and upstaging with modern pieces of wall art, pillows, home decor, and accent furniture. 

Buyers: 80% of buyers cannot envision themselves living in a house

Turn-Offs: Cluttered, uncoordinated, brass, old paint colors and outdated furnishings

Staging Service: Creates thoughtful spaces with a WOW factor

step seven

appraisal + inspection + home warranty

Updated and staged properties tend to appraise at the top or even more than top of the market. This will help in getting the right price. Inspectors are hired to find problems with properties and can cause many problems for buyers and sellers. Home warranties are also a great low cost incentive. With these things already done, your home will truly be buyer ready. 

Buyers: Like to feel secure with their purchase

Turn-Offs: Appearance of water damage, old appliances, issues

Staging Service: Help guide through each process and resources

step eight

pictures + REaltor + Stager

The first 4 pictures in your gallery on the MLS photos are the most important. Buyers are turned off by rooms that look cluttered, outdated, dark, or messy. We work with photographers to ensure that rooms look great in each photo. This is generally the time that the realtor & homeowner sign the final listing price and details of the home to go on the MLS. You are ready for your realtor to have an OPEN HOUSE and get it sold. 

Buyers: 90% of buyers find their homes online 

Turn-Offs: Bad Photography, overpricing 

Staging Service: Sets the stage for online photos draws in more buyers