Buyers decide to see a house in 4 seconds or less based on the online photo content.

Our Homes Sell in an average of: 

$250k-$400K: 18 days

$400K-$700K: 32 DAYS

$700K & ABOVE: 42 DAYS

Because WOW sells!

Consultation: $150


The first step for anyone listing their home. The consultation provides many resources to get a home ready for the market that go far beyond First Impressions’ services. See Client Process for more information.


Vacant Stage

Our most popular package. Our furniture and home decor is arranged in a vacant home. This gives the potential buyers an ability to see themselves living in the home and where their items could be placed.


We use the client's existing furniture and our home decor. We rearrange the client's living spaces to merchandise the home.

Restore and Design

We prepare the home for the market with painting, light fixtures, and many other inexpensive services to update the home to its fullest asking price potential.